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We are a small company, formed to preserve, operate & hire out ex B.R. Diesel locomotives, based on the SDR at Buckfastleigh, Devon. We currently own a class 20: 20 110 (D8110), two class 25s: D7612 (25 262, 25 901), D7541 (25 191) and a class 33: 33 002 (D6501).

We also have under a long lease from the South Devon Railway Trust the first BR Class 122 'Bubble Car' - 55000 - built 1958.

D8110 D7612 & D7541 33 002 W55000
D8110 at Buckfastleigh.

D7612 & D7541 at
April 2011

33 002 At Buckfastleigh with
lots of new metal and paint!
9th June2007
55000 Newly outshopped
at Staverton.

Here is a website kindly organised by Phil Seymour documenting the restoration of 25 191/D7541
25 191 Restoration Website

This Website was last updated on 24th July 2013.


New 24th July 2013:

There is a strong chance D8110 might go to join it's class mates including 20 118 to haul trains on the mainline again, the purpose for which they were built. Not bad for loco's over half a century old! We are negotiating to replace it with 37 275 at the moment so watch this space! Consequently we ran a farewell couple of trips last Saturday, see the pics on the latest news page along with pics of D7612's visit to the Great Central Railway :

latest news

New 14th May:

D7612 Has been outshopped ready for it's Summer Hols! Our first class 25 is on it's way to Loughborough, following in the footsteps of 33 002 and is going to visit our friends at the Great Central Railway for the summer. To this end D7612 has had some TLC in the form of new metal to replace old war wounds, restored token catcher recesses and a complete repaint. The first working is their Diesel Gala on the 18th and 19th May.
See the pictures on our:

New 8th April:

Here is a gallery of pictures kindly donated by Rob Kitley of D7541's ongoing restoration and of the SDR gala's we've been involved with so far this year:
Early 2013 Picture Gallery


For those interested, we have prepared a page for each of our locos, with photographs, some history and a selection of interesting facts and figures:

cl 20 spec

about 20 110

cl 25 spec

about 25901

33 specification

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We also own various support vehicles, for details of these visit our


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We have held various diesel galas in recent years, some pictures of them can be found here:
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Driver Experience Loco Driver

Fancy driving a 1000+ hp diesel loco? If so try one of our DRIVER EXPERIENCE days. Click on the image to the left for details.

D2246 37 037 50 002
DDS 04 number D2246 37 037 at Caddaford June 08 50 002 on the PDSR
Courtesy & Phil Seymour

Also on the South Devon Railway is Class 09 No. 09 010 (D3721), owned by the South Devon Railway Trust.   Class 04 no. D2246, Class 37 No. 37 037 (D6737) & Class 50 No.50 002 (D402) . These three are owned by our sister group, the DDS

Class 09 D3721
D3721 (09 010) at Buckfastleigh.

All pictures are taken by and myself, Richard Bruford unless otherwise stated.