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NewsLetter 11

20118 25901 20110
20118 shunts the now blue 25
D8110 [20110]
The Locomotive has been in service and worked some of the 17.15 departures from Buckfastleigh through July and August.  On Sunday 4th August the Loco had its fuel pumps checked and reset as necessary.
[D8118] 20118
The loco had been covered over to help keep the sun from fading the paint work, but in mid August it was uncovered for a run out on the 17.15 for Totnes, as a test for a Saturday evening special on the 17th. Loco had an unexpected trip down the line on Friday 23rd August for the S & T department. This was to get a S & T works train formed up. When the loco came to us from Bescot, the hours on the loco were 6374hrs and before it was stored had just received an `A' examination (every 55 hours). Now the hours are up to 6404hrs which means we are 25hrs to the next `A' examination and the next `B' examination in 221hrs (every 275 hours). As the exams go up the more work is done in checking and examining the loco.
The exams go like this: A exam = 55hrs, B exam = 275hrs, C exam = 825hrs, D exam = 1650hrs, E exam = 4950hrs and there is also an F exam = 9900hrs but this is getting into main works overhauls. The A exam is done in a matter of a few hours, but when you get up to the likes of D & E exams you are into days out of service.
D7612 [25262, 25901]
It has now been found that both water tanks are as bad as each other (holes galore). This was found out by the use of a big hammer!  By the end of July the compartment had been painted and a start on picking out the different pipe work has been made. The fuel strainers have both been cleaned out and the filter has been changed, not before time as the old one was full of dirt. On Sunday llth August the loco was shunted into the goods shed (this shed is used by the Carriage & Wagon department for coach restoration) for it's repaint to start. Which it did on the next day, the Monday. During this week it was found that most of the air grills on the side of the roof on one side were in need of repair, as two had all the rivets broken and the rest were well on the way. They have all been taken off by drilling out the old rivets that remained, cleaned off all the rust from the hinges along with the roof and given a coat of red oxide before refitting the grilles with new domed headed bolts and nuts. A check on the opposite side found all to be OK, just one is a bit iffy but will do until the next time the loco has a repaint, when the rivets will be replaced and nuts and bolts put in. One cab door which would not lock due to the lock being sized now has a working lock once again. The door was removed for the old lock to be extracted and another good one fitted. With the cab door refitted the roof was first to be rubbed down and painted followed by the cab's and doors. The body sides were painted by Mr. Mike Stabb, so these were left in undercoat. Next came the cab fronts. The loco came out on Sunday lst September and was placed under cover in the running shed as the roof sections are still off The fuel tank, battery box and bogies are the next for painting. These were duly done on Sunday l5th September, along with the radiator fan and it's housing, which is still out in the open. The following saw one of the head code glasses refitted with it's white dots.
Class 25 in "B" Shop Class 25 Side Vents
D7612 in "B" Shop
The Side Air Grills
It's now Blue
25901 resplendent in new blue livery
Radiator, less tank Inside the Radiator Tank
Bottom of Radiator Matrix after removal of rotten tank
Inside the Radiator Base Tank
Class 09
No change from last report.
Class 127
Working most of the 17.15 departures from Buckfastleigh through July & August. The owning group had their autumn bash with the unit on the 26th September, which was put back as a three car during this week. There was one slight hick-up, as a coupling was missed and some cables were pulled out.
Class 122 - 55000
A start has been made on removing the windows in the large saloon for the fitting of new rubber seals. By the end of September only four windows were left to be treated.
Out of service, pending repairs if the faults are not to serious. It would appear that the traction motors brush box holder broke some springs. Leaving some brushes lose and making the motor arc. The brush box holder is now away for repairs and new contacts are being made.
No change from last time.
No change from last time, but the donkey engine is to be look at over the coming months.
South Devon Diesels' Drewry 04
Seeing use shunting around Buckfastleigh.
MINK - W 104700 - No change from last time.
CCT - W94556 - No change from last time.
CCT - M94852 - No change from last time.
SHOCK - No change from last time.
MINK `B' W125814 - It is hoped to have this van finished by the end of the year.
Keep the aluminium drink cans coming in.
Dates for Diary (Diesels running)
Diesel weekend 10th & llth May 2003
Working Weekends
The main working Sunday will be the first one on the month, but most Sundays will see someone around if you turn up between 09.00 and 09.30. All help most welcome. FIRST SUNDAYS OF THE MONTH:- 3rd Nov, lst Dec & Sth Jan.
Please try to be at Buckfastleigh between 09:00 and 09:30 to lend a hand.
Running Days
Next year - 2003 Season
What's Left
The class 20's, still left standing are as follow:-
D8000-20050 National Railway Museum.
D8001-20001 Midland Railway Centre.(Beechbrook Farm)
D8007-20007 North Staffordshire Railway.
D8016-20016 DRS, Longtown MoD.
D8020-20020 Bo'ness & Kinneil Railway.[Strathspey Railway, was or still is on loan]
D8031-20031 Keighley & Worth Valley Railway.
D8032-20032 DRS, Longtown MoD.
D8035-20035 CFD, France.
D8041-20041-20901 DRS.
D8042-20042-20312 DRS.
D8047-20047-20301 DRS.
D8048-20048 Great Central Railway, North. [Beechbrook Farm]
D8050-20128-20307 DRS.
D8056-20056 Barrow Hill.
D8057-20057 DRS, Longtown MoD.
D8059-20059 Somerset & Dorset Locomotive Company.
D8060-20060-20902 DRS.
D8063-20063 CFD, France.
D8066-20066 DRS, Longtown MoD.
D8069-20069 Mid-Norfolk Railway.
D8072-20072 DRS, Longtown MoD.
D8073-20073 DRS, Longtown MoD.
D8075-20075-20309 DRS.
D8081-20081 DRS, Longtown MoD.
D8083-20083-20903 DRS.
D8084-20084-20302 DRS.
D8087-20087 East Lancashire Railway.
D8088-20088 DRS, Longtown MoD.
D8092-20092 DRS, Longtown MoD.
D8094-20094 DRS, Glasgow Works.
D8095-20095-20305 DRS.
D8096-20096 Barrow Hill.
D8098-20098 Great Central Railway.
D8101-20101-20904 DRS.
D8102-20102-20311 DRS.
D8104-20104-20315 DRS.
D8105-20105 DRS, Longtown MoD.
D8107-20107 RMS Locotec.
D8108-20108 DRS, Longtown MoD.
D8110-20110 With us.
D8113-20113 DRS, Kingmoor Etterby Rd.
D8117-20117-20314 DRS.
D8118-20118 Also with us.
D8119-20119 H.Nendel Railroad Company.
D8120-20120-20304 DRS.
D8121-20121 DRS, Longtown MoD.
D8127-20127-20303 DRS.
D8128-20228 CFD, France
D8131-30131-20306 DRS.
D8132-20132 DRS, Longtown MoD.
D8133-20133 DRS, Rotherham.
D8135-20135 DRS, Glasgow Works.
D8137-20137 Gloucester & Warwickshire Railway.
D8138-20138 DRS, Longtown MoD.
D8139-20139 CFD, France.
D8142-20142 Llangollen Railway. [Beechbrook Farm]
D8145-20145 DRS, Longtown MoD.
D8154-20154 North Staffordshire Railway.
D8159-20159 DRS, Longtown MoD.
D8166-20166 Bodmin & Wenford Railway.
D8168-20168 Barrow Hill.
D8169-20169 Eden Valley Railway.
D8175-20175 DRS, Kingmoor Etterby Rd.
D8177-20177 Somerset & Dorset Locomotive Company.
D8187-20187-20308 DRS.
D8188-20188 Mid-Hants Railway.[Beechbrook Farm]
D8189-20189 ? [Beechbrook Farm]
D8190-20190-20310 DRS.
D8194-20194-20313 DRS.
D8197-20197 Bodmin & Wenford Railway.
D8305-20205 Midland Railway Centre.
D8314-20214 Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway.
D8315-20215 DRS, Longtown MoD.
D8319-20219-20906 DRS.
D8327-20227 Midland Railway Centre. [Beechbrook Farm]
Some of the above loco's may not be at the location shown due to being out on hire or may still be at a form owners site. Some DRS loco's are still main line workers. The last loco to be cut up was 20206 at Rotherham this summer. This will be followed by 20133. The two loco's at Glasgow Works 20094/135 (both ex preserved) will follow at a later date. The four French loco's are thought to be up for sale. The newest preserved loco is 20007, which was stored in the open at the former Doncaster Works for quite some years.

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