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NewsLetter 12

D8110 [20110]
Not much to report on the loco. In service doing works trains as required. Some major body repairs will soon be required, as rust is now showing it's self all round the cab and other places. This is due to being out in the open all year round. The No.2 blower fuse blew on Saturday 7th December whilst performing this year's shunt releases of the Santa's trains.  Due to a fault on the DMU, the loco was pressed into use on Boxing Day to run three round trips to Totnes. After this it will be time once again to change the compressor oil.
D8110 and DMU at North Crossing
[D8118] 20118
The loco had its fuel pumps reset on the afternoon of the A.G.M. and on Sunday 10th November antifreeze was added to the coolant ready for the coming winter. The straight air brake valve (loco brakes) in the cab was changed, as it was giving to much air pressure to the system. A couple of air leaks were also seen to. The engine power up & down settings were checked, and adjusted. Compared with D8110 which took 2 seconds, 118 took 22 seconds! This is now back to 6/7 seconds. On Sunday 8th December the loco was used for some shunting before being blocked in for the coming winter months. The cab was sheeted over before Xmas to help stop water getting into the cab through the side windows.
D7612 [25262, 25901]
The first domino headcode glass was refitted at the start of October (not without a fight!) and the painting of the pipe work on the outside completed. Mid October and the second domino headcode glass went in, plus the batteries had the acid levels check and a charge. How long they will last when the loco is back in traffic is an other question!  On Sunday 3rd November the batteries had a charge from the new mobile charger, which put in some 20 amps whereas the built in charger only puts in about 6 amps. Also on this day the new exhaust stack was bolted in place. A leaking coolant filler pipe under the walkway on the B side of the engine has been blanked off which will stop the engine room floor being flooded out when the coolant is topped up. By mid November the kit of parts to build the new coolant tanks had arrived, but some of the bits were not to drawing. The roof section around the exhaust stack was put back in place and all bolted down along with the new cowling which was missing on the old stack. The cleaning of the engine room roof & walls is now at an end. Painting has now started (when weather conditions allow), with primer and some undercoat already applied. It will now be a lot brighter inside the loco when it is finished. This will leave the compressor compartment (the former boiler room) and the brake frame to be treated. The kit of parts for the tanks has slowly started to take shape, with holes being drilled, edges being shaped ready for welding and on Sunday 8th December a member of the steam Sunday gang (Mike Shaw) started to weld together two of the main parts. He has done some more since this date. The roof sections that are off the loco at the moment had a rubber seal around the edge which was perished. The new seals arrived just before Xmas, so when these sections go back they should be more water tight.
SDR plc Class 25 Radiator tank kit - before assembly  New Exhaust stack made by SDR plc
Freshly painted in Blue        Photo: R. Bruford New Exhaust stack fitted and painted up
The cab resplendent in blue with lettering
Class 09
The loco has had it's coolant drained down for the winter. December 8th saw the loco move from the yard area to the north end of the site.
This T.O.P.S. report shews that 09002 was keeping 09010 company at Woking at the end of 1980.
D3666 "shunts" stock at Buckfastleigh whilst 20118 stands in the yard on 08-12-02
Class 127
The unit had a second owners outing on 26th October, and has now been drained of coolant for the winter. The unit was found to have a bad water leak on the Ashburton end power car. This leak looks as if it could be coming from the water pump spindle (drive from the engine), this prevented the unit working on Boxing Day.
Class 122 - 55000
The last window to have new rubber seals fitted, was still out at the end of December. It has had some welding done around the window frame. Once this window is back in a start on re-fitting the ceiling can go ahead, once the saloon has been cleared of work benches and cupboards. The Ashburton end cab is having it's instruments / gauges refurbished.
In service.
No change from last time.
No change from last time.
South Devon Diesels' Drewry 04
Used over the weekend of 9/10 November instead of a steam loco on the clean-up train and again on Saturday 30th November for a members' day. The loco was stopped at the beginning of December and the cab windows were all removed in readiness for their replaced and also to have work done on the axle boxes and coupling rods.
South Devon Diesels' Class 50
A loco that may soon come to the railway; 50002 (D402) at the moment is at Barrow Hill round house (outside). A joint working party paid a visit to Barrow Hill in late September to see what state the loco was in, and examine the power unit. It was found (using the same a video scope as used on 20118 when it first arrived) that at least five cylinder heads will have to come off. The inspection was achieved by removing all 16 injectors, so that the video scope could get into each bore. Some pistons & con-rods will have to be removed as well. For bright shiney oily steel they are not. Water has entered the system through the exhaust to the cylinder heads then to the top of the pistons and passed the piston rings, down the con-rods into the sump, so when to sump drain was opened about 20 to 30 gallons of water came out before the oil! Rain water has also entered the cabs, as the windscreen wipers & motors had been removed. Several cab controls are stiff or seized up. The one little bit of good news was that the batteries were found to be low on acid. These were topped up with some new, after a search of Chesterfield of a outlet that sold this toxic mix. The battery switch was put in and the lights on the loco (cab, engine room, marker, tail & headlight) all worked. At the end of the visit the loco was sheeted over with a large tarpaulin.
MINK - W 104700 - At the start of October the old canvas roof covering was removed, and the new put in place after a plank had been replaced. Two pieces of wood above the double doors each side on the wagon are being replaced as one has rotted out and the other was showing signs of it starting. Other parts of the doors have also started to go this way. They will be patched up for the time being and a repaint later next year, as one side has been left in undercoat.
CCT - W94556 - The van was moved on Sunday 8th December to be outside the workshop to enable some cutting out of the old rusty/holed body panels. Later in the week the van was placed inside the workshop, as four of the window have to come out. With the van in under cover and close to a battery charge the batteries had a charge, which is something they don't get much of. By Sunday 14th the side of the van had been rubbed down and the cutting out finished. A start on welding in the new metal was made on Sunday 21 st and this was finished off on the following day. This just leaves scraping the roof and a rub down to finish it off.
CCT - M94852 - Still waiting (the above) repairs to the body work and repaint.
SHOCK - No change from last time.
MINK `B' W125814 - Both top door stops/weather strips have now been fitted in place, and a start on getting the rest on the door fittings fitted can now start. It's hoped to run the wagon in a goods in the May gala. By the end of December the wagon sported a new set of number plates, but the number is not 125814!
Keep the aluminium drink cans coming in.
December 2002 saw S.D.D.T. & D.D.S. embark on their first joint project, W94556. Work started on the 19th with the Chairmen of both groups cutting out all rotten metal, (4 window surrounds & 3 corner pieces). The following day the CCT was shunted into 'A' shop replacing 1369 which had just been re-tubed. Sunday 22nd and Monday 23rd saw Rob from the workshop welding in the new metal patches, while the DDS fabricated 2 new wooden end doors. The next two weeks saw both groups prepare the body and roof for repainting which was completed by the 12th Jan 03. Resplendent in Lined Maroon livery. The CCT is a credit to both groups and we are very grateful to DDS members Andy, John & Phil for their help in returning this vehicle to good order, and hope this is the first of many joint projects.  Thanks must also go to the regular Sunday gang of Neil, Keith & John who through their efforts keep our loco's and rolling stock a step ahead of the competition! The next few working Sundays are as listed below. 
Peter Burrow Chairman SDDT.
Dates for Diary (Diesels running)
Diesel Gala weekend 10th & 11th May 2003 (spread the word)
Working Weekends
The main working Sunday will be the first one on the month, but most Sundays will see someone around if you turn up between 09.00 and 09.30. All help most welcome. FIRST SUNDAYS OF THE MONTH:- 2nd Feb, 2nd March & 6th April.
Please try to be at Buckfastleigh between 09:00 and 09:30 to lend a hand.
Running Days
2003 Season: There will be a total af five running days this year. The first Sunday of the month from June to October, and on another Sunday there may be a demonstration goods train running (but more next time)!

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