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D8110 [20110]
The year has started with the loco waiting for a new set of batteries, and to have the spare fan clutch fitted. Whilst waiting for these two thing to happen the oil in the compressor has been changed. This job has to be done on a regular basis as the oil will mix with water, (that is condensation) and makes a nice creamy looking mass. The new batteries arrived during January and a start was made on fitting them towards the end of the month. This was done whilst the loco had one wheel on the ground. It happen after the loco had just finished rolling in the new siding,  On it's way to the ground disc the sleepers gave way. The last five batteries were fitted at the start of February. The replacement fan clutch was installed at the start of March. Also the fuel gauges have both been oiled to stop them sticking.  The loco is now ready for the start of the new season
[D8118] 20118
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This loco has an up hill struggle as it enters this new year (maybe that should be we have a up hill struggle) but a start has been made. Work so far done, has been to clean out both battier boxes and paint them to take the old batteries out of D8110, which it now has. Some cab panels have been removed for cleaning and painting along with the gauge panels to have fresh gauges put in, as all the old ones had their glass broken. The cooling system is slowly coming together with rubber pipes being replaced, along with gaskets that the frost got too. Some scrapping off of the flaky paint work has also started and the old air filters and holders removed for cleaning. With the batteries from 110 now installed in the loco and wired up. We have found that all the front & back marker and tail lights work along with the engine compartment lights. The cab light was missing, but a temporary lamp holder is now in place and working. The instrument lights do work, but because the dimmer switches are in the gauge panels which are away for painting they don't work at the moment. The fire alarm relay was missing in the cab, has been replaced and the test button freed up. And the bell works. The pipe work around the patch on the engine block has been refitted and the oil filters put back up. A good clean up was made in February around the generator compartment (the inch of oily gunk is no more !). The generator now has a fresh coat of gloss pain. The lubrication oil priming pump also works. Getting a pressure of about 201bs on the gauge. It has been found that two cylinder heads (A & B3) have had to come off due to the long time standing with water lying in them. The above heads are now in the work shop, along with a replacement head from Railparts (Doncaster) as we found that one of the heads was of the same batch that gave trouble on D8110. The electrical cubicle has been clean out and the frame work painted along with the panels. The cab is now being strip of bits (seats, cooker and some wall panels) for cleaning, painting or replacement.
D7612 [25262, 25901]
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This loco starts the year all drain down and with No.l cab all in bits, for a repaint. The main electrical cubicle doors have all been cleaned and repainted along with the surround that they fit on With the doors off, all the contacts and relays have been cleaned. The coolant water gauges have both been cleaned and refitted along with new labels for water levels. The injectors have all been removed from the power unit for cleaning/overhaul at Cowick Injection in Exeter. They are now back in the power unit. The cab floor in No.l and has been taken up and the same as No.2 end a inch or so of rust and muck has been found, but this time the rust has eaten away around the base of the drivers seat and the AWS change end switch. The base has been cut out to have some new bits welded on.
Class 127
This unit is now well over due a lubricating oil change which must be done before the start of the running season. The unit had 30 outings last year, with the last one being to test the times for this years two train running. A special event at Totnes on Tuesday 29th March had the unit come out of winter rest to do two round trips, as a park & ride was in place at Buckfastleigh to take guests to Totnes for the launch of Pete Goss' yacht "Team Philips". This ended up as five round trips, as people came back in dribs & drabs. It was found on filling the set with water that the Ashburton end power car (one engine only) has a radiator leak.
Class 122 - 55000
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Work continues on the small saloon. The windows have all been out (six in total, two big and four small) and replaced with new rubbers seals. The ceiling is now up, and just waiting for painting and fitting of lights and vents. A start on the side walls has been made, with new panelling for this saloon, as there was some panels missing or broken when it arrived from M.C. Metals of Glasgow, (now closed). A new stainless steel exhaust system has been fitted to both engines.
Still soldiering on for the moment. But the low main air has been put right, as it failed just before Christmas with no air. A pipe between the compressor and the reservoir had broken and has now been repaired. The loco worked well for a few weeks with the correct main air pressure, until the unloader valve fell off Now the safety valve keeps blowing off !
In working order. But needs a little body work to keep the rust at bay.
This loco works, but is still on test. Also waiting for it's tyres to be turned
MINK - After some door repairs, all that remains to be done is to give a door a coat of paint and some side numbers and it will be all OK for the next couple of years.
CCT - This van will have some light body maintenance this coming summer.
SHOCKVAN - This van has just been repainted and a new felt roof fitted, all that's left to be done is the side numbers to be applied.
MINK (No.2) - A start on rebuilding will be made this year. As the roof has been blown in the winter winds.
BG - Up for sale. Say no more ! Offers ?
Other Items
The aluminium cans collected for 1999 came to a grand total of 12 kilos. 40p a kilo. We received 4.80 which has gone towards stamps to send out newsletters. So, keep the cans coming in.

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Dates for the Diary (Diesels running)
April 23rd/24th Easter Gala
April/May 29th/30th/1st Thomas
May 28th/29th Everything Goes
July 8th/9th Thomas
September 23rd/24th Transport Heritage
October 21st/22nd Everything Goes
Saturdays & Sundays.
Mostly Sundays at the moment, with most work on 20118. If you turn up about between 09.30 and 10.00 someone will be around. But no guarantees on this.
Running Days
Sunday 21st May D7612
Sunday 2nd July D8110
Saturday 22nd July D7612
Saturday 5th August D8110
Saturday 19th August D7612
Sunday 10th September D8110
All the above will be four round trips as the second train.
First one departs Buckfastleigh at 10:00
The class 127 D.M.U. will be working one trip, late afternoon (17.25 dep) on the following dates.
Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Thursdays 25th/26th/27th July
  lst/2nd/3rd August
The class 127 D.M.U. will also be doing 'River Rail' on dates to be announced. Again it will be late afternoon.
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