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NewsLetter 5

D8110 [20110]
The compressor has new oil, from the start of January. The loco has been doing a bit of ballast dropping at the start of February, and now looks a bit grubby. It will stay this way until after 20th May. The mileage for Jan/Feb is about 182, quite a lot of trips dropping ballast. The loco was stopped in mid March so a oil leak around a cylinder head can be investigated. The head was removed and placed in the workshop for inspection. The cylinder liner/bore was found to be all ok. The water test on the valves found that they all passed water. On removing the valves, the two exhaust, one valve seats fell out and the other was lose. Also the valve guides seam to have some wear in them. Add all this up and it my mean a replacement head ?
[D8118] 20118
The cab can now be lock. With new locks fitted to both cab doors. The linkage between the controllers (which runs under the floor) has been cleaned up with new chains fitted. The cab subfloor is now completely covered with a layer of waxoil.
This will help stop the old rust worm, also under both driving desks has a covering thanks to an old washing up bottle! With this job done the cab panelling has been replaced. Along with two heaters. The nose end compartment has been painted along with the radiator fan compartment, but not a lot of people will see this. The water pump has been replaced and a start on cleaning out the engine compartment ready for painting will start shortly. A lubrication oil change took place over the weekend of March 10th/11th. The following weekend the batteries were taken from D8110 and placed in 118, as the new set had not arrived. The loco was started in the afternoon of Sunday 18th March with a lots of smoke, which did clear as time went on. Some small jobs still need to be done, one of which is to sort out a blow on one head. This head is one that has been off before.
D7612 [25262, 25901]
The loco was started up on Sunday 14th Jan. But it would not power. So after a good look around it was found that the equipment governor was sticking, this was given a quick toggle and power was returned. The cooker is now wired back and a test boiling is awaited. The loco has now found it's way under cover after a shunt about. This will help dry the loco out, as it doe's get a bit wet in the engine room from leaks from the roof panels
Class 09
Loco has not been started for some time, and it was found a little time ago that the power unit would not turn when barring it over. It has now been barred over, this time with two bars
Class 127
The unit was moved to the loop at Bishops bridge at the start of the month (January), to make room at Buckfastleigh. Coming back at the end of February and towards the end of March was started up, with a little help from the battier charger for the Ashburton end power car, Later after some fuel at test run to Bishops Bridge was made all ok
Class 122 - 55000
The cab windows (brake van end) have been removed for a bit more welding around the tops, were the window wiper arm comes through the body. After this has been done a start on putting the cab back together will start. A container has now arrived on site for a store/workshop as the big saloon on the unit has now to be cleared out for work to start in later in the year
A part from under the loco was found down the line by the P. W. gang, but was not identified straight away as being from the loco until a second bit (a large nut) was found some days later. This nut came unscrewed from a spring hanger, which had dropped due to this other part coming adrift. All has been replaced, checked around and back to normal working
No change from last time.
No change from last time.
South Devon Diesels' Drewry 04
This loco has now arrived on the railway (arriving on Tuesday 9th Jan). It is in working order but is having some work carried out on it, like a rewire, a new cab floor, a set of marker lights for both ends, as it came with all red lights (Ex. N.C.B.). The vacuum system can not be tested as yet as a control valve is missing from the cab. The loco was started on Saturday 17th March after the rewiring. By the end of March the loco have change colour from a very dark blue to BR blue, but this will change again at a later date. A make shift test of the vacuum has been made, with vacuum created, but still no cab control valve at the end of March.
MINK - No change.
CCT - No change. 
SHOCK - No change
MINK (No.2) - A start on the vans rebuilt has started, with the help of some dry weekends all the old wood has been striped off, along with the build up of rust. Some primer has already been applied to the derusted parts. The vacuum cylinder has been off, checked over and replaced all in one day. It is hoped to get the wagon under cover before long so the replacement wood can made to fit.
BG - Parts to be sold off, then broken up
Keep the aluminium drink cans coming in. 
Dates for Diary (Diesels running)
15th/16th April    Grand Easter Transport Gala
20th May            Diesel Gala Day
27th/28th May     Everything Goes
Working Weekends
Mostly Sundays at the moment.
If you turn up about between 09.30 and I0.00 someone will be around. But no guarantees on this.
l9th May will be a clean & polish day, all help gratefully appreciated.
Running Days
 No running days unlike last year, but as last year there is the 17.15 from Buckfastleigh on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 24th July to 30th August, It may be possible to put a loco out on this train, but this will be a last minute arrangement


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