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For the gronk aid gala write up and pictures please click here.


20 110

11/04 - 20 110 has just been outshopped in Blue, in time for the gronk aid Gala. It had to have some cab rust removed, some of which was quite bad, caused by a leaking horn box and condensation runing off the side windows. It has been renumbered 8110, it's first "blue" number, to be in keeping with it's token catcher recesses, which were plated over later on when it carried 20 110.

8110 8110 & 25 901
8110 outshopped in Blue
31-10-04 Courtesy & Neil Cannon
8110, 25 901, 20 118 & 37 037 outside Buckfastleigh Running shed
31-10-04 Courtesy & Neil Cannon

20110 rust 20110 20110 more rust
20 110 from inside the cab Captions please! The welding around the side window
20110 20110 20110
20 110 getting ready to paint
Courtesy & Neil Cannon
20110 Being steam cleaned
Courtesy & Neil Cannon
20110's cab end hornbox
Courtesy & Neil Cannon

20110 going blue
It must be winter - 20 110 is turning blue!

The captions I've had so far are: "Up the workers!" - up what with the workers I wonder? "Who's that drunk looking sherry drinking bloke?" and "Mmmmm.... Harry whats the SWL of the Lard Mobile?"
I would like to point out that the captions sent in by contributors are nothing to do with me!

CCT M94852

This CCT Was outshopped on 5th September. M94852 was built at Earlestown Apr 1961 to Dia. 1/886. We know little of it's service life but it ended it's days as a stores shed at Laira Diesel Depot. We bought it in 2002. We started restoring it in 2004. It had what seems like TONS of metal sheet welded in, a lot of internal woodwork replaced & a wheel bearing, vacuum brake overhaul & repaint in Maroon to match the other one.

M94852 M94852 M94852
M94852 as bought M94852 has some rust ground out. M94852 receives some paint

M94852 25901+CCTs
M94852 is being lined out.
Courtesy & Andy Mathews
25 901 with both CCT's 5th Sept 2004
Courtesy & Neil Cannon

M94852 finnished
The finnished CCT out for the first time!

The DDS's 37037 arrived on the 9th of June 2004 and performed well at the Diesel Gala

37037 at Buckfastleigh

Class 14

We had our Diesel Gala on the 12th & 13th June 2004. It featured both of our class 20s, class 14 D9525, 47 197 from freightliner, 25 901, aka 25 262, 37 037's South Devon Railway debut, demonstration freight trains and lashings of real Ale in the Buffet car! Thanks to everybody, who helped or visited for making it such a success Here is a link to our Gala Gallery.

D9525 at Buckfastleigh

The DDS's 37037 Has been successfully tested and run under it's own power on the 5th of May at Barrow Hill. So it should be with us on the South Devon very soon.

(37 037 eventually arrived 9th June 2004)

37037 at Barrow Hill

20118 & 20110 25901 20118 & 20110
20 118 & 20 110 at Bishops Bridge 12th April 25 901 at Totnes 12th April 20 118 & 20 110 at Totnes 12th April

On the 11th & 12th of April, in conjunction with the SDR & DDS we ran a Transport Gala. We celebrated the new nursery pool bridge by running our two class twenties in multiple for the first time. This was not possible on the old one. 25 901 and 04 no.D2246 were also out, along with no less than seven steam engines! It was certainly a success from our point of view, we hope everybody else enjoyed it too.

Milk Tanks Axle Boxes
Painted Milk Tanks Milk Tank axleboxes receiving attention

10th April 2004 SDR MILK TANKS.

The Two SDR GWR milk tanks have been entrusted to us for an overhaul this year. There is method in this madnes as we would like them to run in "mixed" trains at our diesel gala on the 12th & 13th of June this year. We have painted them and overhauled the brakes and axle boxes to get them into fit condition.

W55000 axles
W55000 after Painting W55000's turned wheelsets

10th April 2004 W55000

W55000 Is owned by David, our treasurer. We have been helping him restore this prototype DMU 'bubblecar'. It is having a very major restoration with a rebuilt interior and exterior, overhauled engines and bogies. The photo above shows the wheelsets, freshly back from Bristol St.Phillips Marsh depot. The tyres have been turned on their wheel lathe.

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