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December 2007

W55000, the protoype class 122 Bubblecar made a succesfull test run on December 20th with both engines working.

33 002 has had it's indicator boxes refitted and the lighting made to work. The lads from 'Energice' very kindly had a go at cleaning the generator and other bits with their amazing ice cleaning system, specifically for delicate electric motors etc.

33 002 W55000 33 002

W55000 W55000 W55000

33002 pictures courtesy & © Peter Burrow and W55000 pictures courtesy & © Andy Mathews.

Gronk Aid Gala Pics!

Our annual November "Gronk Aid" Gala was held on 3rd November. This is an in house diesel gala with the proceeds going to the restoration fund of "gronk" 09 002. This year we had the added attraction of our guest for the year, 31 108. The weather was a bit dull most of the day, but the rain held off and a slightly watery Sun appeared later in the afternoon. Nothing broke and I believe everybody went home happy, if with some rather grey photos. We have been rather spoilt with our gala weather in recent years!

20 118 & 20 110 37 321 55000 & 31 108
20s 118 & 110
wait their turn at

37 321 waits
to depart.
W55000 and 31 108
at Buckfastleigh.

20 118 D7612 31 108
20 118 at Bishops Bridge,
taken from D7612
D7612 Stands outside
Staverton Crossing Signal Box.
31 108 at Woodville.

20 110's Cab restoration:

Oct 2007:  20 110's cab has been suffering with the old tin worm for a while. Some new metal was welded in, the cabside window repaired and the loco was smartened up ready for the Gronk aid Gala:

20 110 20 110 20 110
Courtesy and © Pete Burrow. Courtesy and © Pete Burrow. Courtesy and © Pete Burrow.

33 002 Progress:

October 07: Work continues with our major project, 33s have an odd arrangement of internal rainwater gutters. Innevitably on ours they were rusted out and blocked up. The workshop have very kindly made us some new ones, to enhanced specification, to try to stop it happening again. These have been fitted. The bodyside door has been reskinned as although it wasn't too bad, it was beginning to swell and lift a bit, the first signs of rusting out, so we bit the bullet!

Work has halted on the engine as we wait for the turbo charger to return. Apparently, in keeping with the rest of the loco it's being a right B.... to the firm thats trying to overhaul it!

33 002 33 002
The reskinned body door.
Courtesy & © Peter Burrow.

Gutters taking shape
in the workshop
Courtesy & © Peter Burrow.
33 002 33 002 33 002
Neil examines the door frame
Courtesy & © Peter Burrow.
The new gutters in place
Courtesy & © Peter Burrow.
more gutters!
Courtesy & © Peter Burrow.

Spa Valley Gala Pics!

D7612 performed well in glorious weather in the August Spa Valley Railway Gala:

D7612 D7612 D7612
D7612 at Tunbridge Wells
West Driven by Pete.

D7612 at the end of the line,
Birchden. Next stop Eridge!
D7612 at High Rocks Halt

D7612 D7612 D7612
The Thumper & D&612
at Tunbridge Wells
The Full line up
at Tunbridge Wells West.
D7612 At Groombridge with
the Chacewater
Traction Group Headboard

Bubblecar progress!

July 2007: Our first generation prototype DMU Bubblecar 55000 had both engines started for the first time since they were rebuilt. So far so good!

W55000 Splutters into life after years of work!
Courtesy and © Andy Mathews.

D7612 Goes off on a Summer Holiday!

July 2007: D7612 has been hired by our friends at the South East Loco Group and will be based on the Spa Valley Railway, Tunbridge Wells. and went off on the third of this month. The loco will be used on this picturesque line for various galas, driving experiences and specials throughout the Summer. It is expected back for our November 'GronkAid' Gala. The next working will be the 3 day August Diesel Gala from Fri.3rd to Sun. 5th Aug.

SVR Gala Poster
Click on the poster to view the details of the gala in PDF format.

D7612 D7612 D7612
D7612 on Station Road
Courtesy & © Pete Burrow.

The 25 turns out onto
the Buckfast Bypass.
Courtesy & © Pete Burrow.
D7612 Heading East!
Courtesy & © Pete Burrow.

D7612 D7612 D7612
D7612 heads down the
infamous Haldon Hill
Courtesy & © Pete Burrow.
And again!
Courtesy & © Pete Burrow.
D7612 Passing The new
rugby ground
on the M5 at Exeter
Courtesy & © Neil Canon.

33 002 Rebuild Update!

24th July 2007: Well the bodywork is more or less finnished now, just the quarter light windows and a few fiddly bits left. The same cannot be said for the engine, Having got the cylinder heads on we thought we'd pressure test the water system. The first thing we found was that the water filler on the heat exchanger was seized. When we unseized it lots of oily water fell out which means one thing: leaky heat exchanger tubes! Therefore we sent the heatexchanger away to a company in Eastleigh, who took it apart and took the photo below. They reckoned they'd never seen one go into 'wave shapes' like this one. We think this was caused by frost damage. Incredibly though after pressure testing, only a couple leaked. They have repaired it and the exchanger has now been refitted.

We made the decision to send the turbo away to be overhauled, as although it spins everything else on that loco that has coolant anywhere near it needed repairs, we decided there was no point in taking the chance of wrecking a rather rare turbo charger!

Last Sunday we attempted a rather unsatisfactory water pressure test (not easy with the turbo missing) It seems we have one transition seal to redo and a few other leaky joints to keep us out of mischief.

33 002
33 002 Shows off it's new
bodywork at the summer gala.

33 002 33 002 33 002
The 'waveform' heat exchanger

Off with the roof!
Courtesy & © Peter Burrow.
An orange mole
appears from inside.
Courtesy & © Peter Burrow.

33 002 33 002 33 002
A large snail
apears from inside
Courtesy & © Peter Burrow.
The 'snail' on the deck
looking more like a turbo.
Courtesy & © Peter Burrow.
the gap in the loco previously
filled by the snail -
and presumably the mole!
Courtesy & © Peter Burrow.

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