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21st November 2010

We finally got 09 010 started today. Loco now more or less complete but still a lot to do with setting up injectors, fuel pumps and governors. A big milestone though.

18th October 2010

Class 09s at Hither Green
09 010 at Hither Green
09 010 arriving at Buckfastleigh.
09 010
09 010.
09 010.
09 010 on the move.

The South devon Railway Trust has decided to buy another class 09 as they are now on the market for rather less than the projected cost of repairing 09 002's running gear. To this end, 09 010 was checked over at Hither Green, bought and has now been delivered to Buckfastleigh. It has a few bits missing, nothing that we feel we can't sort in a few months though so watch this space!

Don't forget our annual "Gronk aid"" gala on Saturday 6th November. The details can be found from the buttons on our home page.

The Pictures are © myself, Neil Cannon and Baz hambly.

9th September 2010

20 118 at Buckfastleigh
20 118 at Buckfastleigh
55000 Bogie Paint.
Enparts Wagon Repaint.
33 002  Cleaning gang
33 002 at Bishops bridge.
Ian and Baz - Barstewards!.
Electric Philsky!

Summer 2010:

We have continued sprucing up 20118, this time a lick of paint on the engine and generator. Alan and his "bogie gang" have been at work on the bubble car, which has clocked up a lot of miles on the 1630 service this summer and has gone remarkably well.

The 4th Sept saw our 33 002 running day. We laid on beer on the train, thanks to Alan brewing some specially and Baz for geting some in. Ian and Baz made good barstewards, though we are beginning to worry about their fondness of matching pink!

All went well until after a layover on the third trip when disaster struck. The battery charge relay did not make, consequently the batteries ran flat and we ground to a halt at nappers crossing! We then had a bit of role reversal and were rescued by a steam engine, which scuttled back to it's train at Staverton and was replaced by 20 118. Sadly this took enough time to loose one trip but after a quick bit of contact cleaning and battery charging 33 002 was back in action for the last trip.

On the whole it was a good day and everybody apeared to enjoy themselves, though we'd like to apologize to anybody who was inconvenienced or dissapointed by the cancellation of the fourth trip.

We suspect Phil (pictured) Judging by the state of his hair we think he's had his fingers in that relay!

You can rest assured the following day the relay was stripped, tested and thoroughly cleaned, along with all the other contacts in that circuit!