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April - June††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† GALA SPECIAL††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††No.18


[D8110] 20110

Worked over the Easter Enthusiast Transport weekend in multiple with 118 without any fault with both locos. This being the first time the two locos have worked together over the full length of the line. Having to stand in for 118 on itís second trip on Saturday 1st May also done the Sunday of the Thomas Weekend. Plus doing the 25ís trips on the Monday. On Sunday 9th May the loco stood in for steam loco 5786 on the last train of the day, which was running late. The loco came into use for two round trips on the 50ís weekend. This was due to the class 14 failing on the Saturday 30th May. Worked without fault over the diesel gala plus the run-up to the weekend doing trips to Totnes and Staverton. The last train of the day on Sunday from Totnes was paired with the 25. The locos were put in multiple (the first multiple working of the weekend) and all worked well.

[D8118] 20118

The two locos were placed in multiple on the Friday before the Easter Enthusiast Transport weekend and a control air cock on 118 was found to be leaking air when the power was applied. A working the handle up & down a few times over came this leak. Both locos did two round trips on both days. The loco done one trip to Totnes on Saturday 1st May for the Thomas Weekend but had to be swapped for 110 as the horn control lever was broke off in a vigorous bout of horn blowing. Both 20ís had a bit of a clean up on Sunday 6th June ready for following weekendís gala. Worked over the diesel gala without failing. The only thing was the power. The amps fluctuating on the Saturday was put right on the Sunday by a class 20 owner from Barrow Hill, who done a small wiring modification.

[D7612, 25262] 25901

This loco was brought out of hibernation on Sunday 4th April. A few hours on charge and the coolant refilled, the loco started first time but movement was limited to a few yards as it was blocked in on this day. The following Friday 9th April the loco went over the pit and was found to be out of the thick grease that goes in the in the gearing that drives the axles. This was topped up along with the bearing oil. Then on the Saturday the loco had a quick test run to Bishops Bridge to pick up the ĎBí set for the Easter Gala were it worked two round trips on the Sunday, but only one and a half on the Monday, both days were trouble free. The loco was to work on the Monday of the Thomas Weekend but failed to start on the Sunday when it was to be moved. The engine would start, but when the start button was let go the engine would stop. It was thought the fault was a resistor linked to a relay that has burnt out but on Sunday 6th June it was traced to the oil pressure switch/governor (after a fare few hours of hunting & sweating in the hot sun). Some resistors have been replaced with spares from class 50ís temporary until the right ones can be sourced. The loco made it through the gala weekend (just), reports that the loco lost power on one run up the branch, then would not reverse at another. Plus, the old sore of the compressor contact (both ends) under the controller arcing across. You may notice, a slit change to the look of the loco, can you spot it?


Class 04

The loco had a busy Easter weekend as well as the bigger locos. It had a trip to Staverton and back on both days, this in between shunt at Buckfastleigh. Had to assist 5786 in from Hood Bridge to Bishops Bridge after a vacuum leak on the train on Sunday 9th May. The loco was on the way back from Totnes with a Lowmac wagon, which was required at Buckfastleigh for the Monday. Worked over the 50ís weekend, doing some freight trips to Bishops Bridge on the Saturday along with shunting at Buckfastleigh on both Saturday & Sunday. Worked a mix of trains over the gala weekend. Starting off from Totnes on the Saturday and then ending up at Staverton on Sunday evening. On the Friday evening the fluid flywheel was topped up oil.

Class 09

Has had itís batteries charged and refilled with water and was started on Sunday 6th June. At the end of the day after the loco was shut down a small coolant leak was found coming from the radiator water jacket. Placed on show for the Gala weekend with the engine running. The diesel driver experience courses that are being run this year (Sun 25th July, 22nd Aug & Sat 25th Sept) are to help fund the overhaul of the loco. So spread the word to your friends, tell them to look at the web site www.sddt.co.uk or www.devondiesels.org.uk for more info.

Class 14

D9525 is paying a visit to the railway for the 50ís weekend at the end of May and the Diesel Gala in June. This class of loco has a Paxman 6-cyl 650 bhp engine and has a Hydraulic transmission. It was new to Bristol Bath Rd depot 13th Jan 1962 moving on to Hull Alexandra Dock in Dec 1966 and being withdrawn 1st April 1968. Then sold by B.R. to the N.C.B. This loco is now owned by H. Needles Railroad Co. The loco was unloaded at Buckfastleigh on the morning of Thursday 27th May. It was moved around Buckfastleigh on the Friday afternoon after a short time on charge. It made the first appearance for the class at Totnes on the Saturday. This was to collect a Clay Hood and stock from Bishops Bridge for the 50ís weekend. The loco worked the morning on Sunday 30th but, failed to start for an afternoon freight trip. On the Monday the fault was traced to a coil in the start circuit, which had broken. This was removed and sent off for re-winding. With this done, it was re fitted on Monday 7th June, the loco started and use for some shunting. The loco made it through the gala weekend without fault, but the coolant leak meant that this had to be topped up a few times. At the end of the gala weekend the loco had clocked up 122 miles of running since arriving on the railway. It also looks like the loco may be with use for about a year.

Class 37

This loco was started for the firs time at Barrow Hill W/C Monday 12th April. The loco was left running for some time, with no problems showing up Two weeks (or so) later the loco was taken outside for the roof section to be replaced and the boiler water tank to be refitted. The loco has seen a bit of use at Barrow Hill as a depot pilot loco before being loaded up onto road transport on Monday 7th June. Arriving at Buckfasleigh the following day. Over the next couple of evenings the loco went out on some test runs. The loco seem to do well to start with but lost power with low control air, also losing vacuum when the brake handle was put to boost! With a group coming down from Barrow Hill for the gala weekend, two fitters had a look at the loco on the Friday. Finding some dirt in some filters. On the Saturday of the gala the loco was kept paired up but worked without any faults showing up, so it was later let out on itís own for the rest of the weekend. The loco was kept running on both day as the batteries are still an unknown quantity. By the end of the weekend it had had the spiders blown out of it, as well as the cobwebs! The loco ended the weekend with well over 100 miles on the clock. Work started the following week on the body, with the skirt panels along the body side being removed for cleaning etc.

Class 50

Still parked in the bay at Totnes, on show to all.

Class 122

With the start of the New Year, the old Halon bottles fitted to the fire system on DMUís have been banned by the HMRI. The old bottles have been taken off the unit and new AFFF hand held extinguishers fitted by each engine. All this work was carried out by the workshop staff. Work continues in the large saloon with the doorstep inserts being fitted. With this job done the metal strips can be screwed back down, after this has been finished the paneling can go back on the walls. The cab (brake van end) window frames have put together only to find two parts are missing. Once these bits have been made the frame can be fitted and then the driving desk can be painted. The engine & axle light panel has been refurbished and refitted and at the same time (mid May) a start on getting the paneling back in the large saloon had began. Itís hoped that the unit can be jacked up some time in July so that one bogie can be rolled out for itís wheel set change and a good clean and repaint.

Class 127

Like 55000 the fire system has been modified. The owning group has paid a visit to ready the unit for their spring social along the line on Friday 23rd April. Some small jobs were done, like a leak that was spraying oil over the exhaust pipe has been repaired along with an air valve. In the centre car a new pillar bar has been installed. On the Friday in question the unit ran a total of 70 miles. Worked one round trip on the Sunday of the 50ís weekend before running ECS to Bishops Bridge for stabling. The unit returned to Buckfastleigh after about a week/ten days, as it was readied (by the owners) for a jazz extravaganza for one of the groups 60th Birthday on Friday 11th June. Running three and a half round trips of the line. It also worked one round trip on the Saturday of the gala and was dragged for two round trips on the Sunday, ending up once again stabled at Bishops Bridge.


In service.


No change from last time.


No change from last time.


†††† Stock

††††† MINK W104700 Ė Had a trip or two down the line at Easter, in the freight.

††††† CCT W94556 - No change.

††††† CCT M94852 Ė By mid April one side had had the new metal welded in place and a start on replacing††

††††† By the end of May the grey undercoat had been applied on one side of the van and the racking inside has

††††† been moved across so the last set of doors could be opened up and the glass in the widows removed. Then by

††††† the end of June most of the new metal had been welded in place, only leaving filling in of the joins. It was

††††† hoped to have the van ready for the gala weekend, but it was not to be. Look out for it in the gala in

††††† November!!!

††††† SHOCK VAN - No change.

††††† MINK ĎBí W125814 (B753100) Ė This van saw action over Easter Gala, also at the Diesel Gala as well.


††††† DATES FOR THE DIARY (Diesels running)

††††† November 6th & 7th


††††† Are mostly on Sundays at the moment. If you turn up about between 09.00 and 09.30 someone††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

††††† should be about !


††††† Sunday ~ 20118 July 4th, 25901 August 1st, 25901 (or D9525?) September 5th &

††††† 20110 (or 37037?) October 3rd.